Prayer for Travis’ surgery

From Candice Battle (PFC in prison Volunteer & Travis’ mother):

Hello Friends and Family,

John and I have shared with most of you about our son  Travis’ impending surgery.  It is scheduled for tomorrow at Virginia Mason where  he will have a few days in the hospital and then about a month ‘s recovery.  Travis is having a Cerebrospinal fluid leak repair which will take about four hours. The leak is located  behind his nose and the protruding sac has impaired his breathing and resulted in many sinus infections. This repair was originally  done when he was fifteen, but the seal has broken and thus the surgery.  Travis had multiple birth defects, but it seems the most difficult has been the results of a midline cleft that began with his upper lip and traveled up through the nose and farther up his head.  He has had three childhood cranial surgeries to repair the openings located in other areas of his skull.

Twenty years ago accessing the surgery site had to be done by a craniotomy involving a painful recovery (his barber does a great job of hiding the half inch wide scar across the top of his head).  Thankfully, medical advances have now enabled his surgeons to access the site through his nose.  His nose will be packed for ten days—always uncomfortable—and he will have to sleep with head upright.  The next few weeks are critical for the proper healing of the seal so Travis will have to be super careful not to exert any pressure in his head that could pop open the patch.

  Travis is taking this all in stride, and though he understands the seriousness of the surgery, he sees it as something that needs to be fixed and has been preparing himself (and us) mentally since it was discovered in the fall. The beautiful thing about Travis is that he has always accepted his health issues pragmatically  and without victimhood or blame.  One of his childhood craniotomies required that his olfactory nerve be  snipped to get to the site so he has no sense of smell. Also, one of his eyes did not develop  , (we are so thankful he has one good eye!) and so he has worn a prosthetic eye since the age of two weeks.  But Travis approaches his health  challenges with humor—his favorite party gag is to remove his eye—and he tells me his other senses are heightened to make up for the loss of smell.

As you can imagine, these kind of situations are always harder on the parents and stepparents than the patient himself.  The good news is that Travis has a strong faith in God and his positive attitude will pull him through this.  You all know as well that John and I  have a heavy reliance on God which has faithfully helped us with our challenges as parents.  We both have peace with this,  but of course,  are asking for your  prayers. And if not prayer, we welcome your positive thoughts sent his way.

Here are our requests:

Please ask God to guide the surgeons hands skillfully so the repair will be done successfully.

Please pray that the pain and discomfort after the surgery will be minimal and that he will  quickly adjust to the nose packing and other needed behavior changes.

Please pray that the patch will hold and seal completely so it never pops open again.

I know deep down that  God will swiftly  incline His ear when he hears the  chorus of prayers that rise from the earth!

Thank you all for your concern and support.  I will update you when he is released.





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