From Inmate in Dallas

From Christian:

I am 24 years old and I am currently incarcerated at the Hutchins Unit in Dallas, TX.  I am serving a 5 year sentence for a drug case . . . I am a strong soldier in the Army of Christ, spreading the truth about the gospel of Jesus Christ to anyone who will receive it.  Please pray for me that my utterances and doctrine remain sound and truthful.  That I may be delivered from the captivity of my adversaries both physically and spiritually . . .  Pray also for my mother, Rebecca, my step-dad, Daniel, my brothers, Dallas and Nicolas, my father J.P, my friend/mentor, R.T, and my spiritual father in the Gospel, Anthony.  Pray for their protection, deliverance, healing and for the salvation of those who do not know the Lord.  Thank you very much!

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