Arlene’s Dementia Progressing

From Bill (Bible Study Correspondence School Team Leader):

[My wife] Arlene was admitted to the Multi-Care Auburn Hospital Memory Wellness Psychiatric Unit yesterday.  She was diagnosed a year ago with dementia and it has progressed recently and has caused an “Altered Mental Status.”  Treatment was started yesterday with special medications. Please pray that the treatment will be effective and that God will use the doctor with his knowledge of the disease to bring her back to her normal beautiful self.

I believe in God’s answering the prayer’s of His people.  I am sending this … to many people. I can’t possibly call you all and this last week has been totally unbelievable. BUT GOD! God has given me strength and guidance every step of the way.  We do not know why things happen but have faith that God knows and He does not make mistakes.  Yesterday Arlene had a period of time when she was alert and our friend and former, Pastor Dennis Sawyer, and I talked with her. One of the things this pastor said is, “you can’t have a testimony without a test.”  My heart is broken but may God’s will be done.


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